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Wave Pool
A wave pool is a swimming pool with wave generator fixed at the deeper end, that creates waves in the water by compressing the water beneath , with the release of air through air compressor. With the wave being generated at regular intervals the swimmers in the pool get a tacit feel of swimming in ocean , however wave pools tend to have very regular waves with routine heights and predictable patterns, in contrast with the much less reliable ocean and this should be kept in mind when switching over from swimming in a wave pool to swimming in the ocean. The earliest wave pools date to the 1940s in the United States, and the concept has since spread widely across the world.
Now we have a few of these being done in India as well, with the latest one being at Paramount Golfforeste which was a big challenge in itself , as we had to do away with the conventional funnel shape [ funnel shape is given to the wave pool as the wave is generated at the narrow end of funnel and it terminates at broader shallow end ] but still had to have the wave of same intensity . The shape of the pool was a constraint as this was the first wave pool in the country, which was to be used as group housing pool, hence apart from the technical prerequisites, even the aesthetic aspects of landscape were not to be compromised with . This pool is spread over an area of 8000 sqft and boasts one of the finest landscape architectecture done by world famous landscape architect Mr. Sameer Mathur .

Apart from creating the waves in the pool various other features like having sunken bar attached to the pool , having a small pool for toddlers which had to remain immune from the wave which were generated , and incorporating all given in the shape which we had been restricted to , was a task to reckon with .
Wave pools can be divided into small wave pools, and big wave pools. Small wave pools have much smaller, gentler waves, making them suitable for children and the elderly, while big wave pools have larger waves which can be a bit more dangerous. In both cases, a wave pool is less safe than a traditional swimming pool, which means that having a lifeguard on duty is very important, to ensure that any swimmers in distress are promptly assisted.

Swimming in a wave pool can be enjoyable, and it can also help people condition themselves. Waves create more resistance than passive water, encouraging swimmers to work a little harder. A wave pool can also help a swimmer prepare for changing water levels in the ocean, as ocean waves can be disorienting for people who have never experienced them.