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Spa in water invites you to relax, revitalize and refresh with a variety of spa
A hot home spa won't cure your arthritis, but it can sure make you feel a lot better.
In Ancient time

As far back as the 3rd century B.C, the therapeutic benefits of hydro therapy were recognized by Hippocrates, when he recommended its use for the treatment of variety of disorders including rheumatism and jaundice.

Around the same time the ancient Romans were enjoying the the rejuvenating waters of the Roman baths they were building throughout their empires as centers for health and hygiene as well as intellectual and recreational pursuits .

Ancient Roman bath style

For centuries Europeans have made regular pilgrimages to take a 'cure' in the healing mineral and thermal waters of such places as Bath , Baden Baden , Wiesbaden and spa to name just a few. The modern day spa with its whirl-pool pump and jets using an air injection system was originally developed by Joseph Jacuzzi, an Italian immigrant to America, in response to the need to provide hot-water therapy for a family member suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Latest Spa

Soaking in warm water increases your circulation and helps release tension, stiffness and muscle soreness.

Moving water is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles, and the buoyancy of water supports and lessens stress on the joints and encourages freer movements.

Water can also act as resistance to help build muscle strength. Spas can comfort aches and pains, sport injuries and sprains.

According to arthritis sufferers, they have found that heat reduces pain and stiffness and allows them to exercise with greater ease.

Some important points to keep in your mind

Choice of spas

Spas are available to suit an endless variety of requirements. They can be outdoor as part of the pool system or a separate entity either outdoors or indoors .There size can vary from one accommodating 12 people to right down to individual spa bath for one.

How they work

In a spa , the water is drawn from the spa through a large outlet cover by a pump , It then passes through a filter and a heater , On its return it passes through a number of special jet nozzles under pressure ,The turbulent effect created by nozzles mixing water with air produce an intermittent high velocity jet .

Maintaining a spa

It's been calculated that 4 people in a heated spa is equivalent to about 50 people in an average domestic pool. That's because the heated water draws more oil and body fat and there is considerably less water in a spa than in a pool. That places much greater demand on the sanitizing system.

How hot - How long

The ideal water temp. For a spa is 38 degree c. How long you spend in a spa is a matter of personal preference but, because of the heat, you should consider periods of no more than around about 20 minutes at a time.

A spa or spa bath is healthy, relaxing and just plain fun. Because the water is heated, a spa can be enjoyed all year round, even if it's a part of your backyard pool, where it suits it the most.