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Pool Designes

A luxury swimming pool is well-designed when it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. The environment, the architectural style of the home and landscaping - it is vital to balance them all for your swimming pool to be a design success.

The pool is the focus, but the focus is created by skillfully enhancing and downplaying various facets of the ambience of your pool's location. Whether on the rooftop of your penthouse, or in your backyard, it is the plants, lighting, water features and fire pits that define the space.

At Premium Pools, we have always worked towards creating the natural effect. Whatever your home is like, we want your pool to look like it has belonged there since the beginning of time - as natural as the mountaintop on a mountain, or the ripples in a stream, or the spray from a waterfall.

We believe in designing pools that belong to the spaces they are in - as if the space would be diminished without the pool. This takes tremendous skill, imagination, versatility and training.

Creating the design is not enough! It needs to be implemented. Careful planning and installation of your landscape and swimming pool design help create the ambience you desire.

Your pool is now an aesthetically alluring vision. But we are not done. We know that the acid test of the pool is that it should fit your lifestyle needs, satisfy your desires and fulfill your aspirations. Your pool defines you - your taste, your style, your indefinable je ne sais quoi that makes you stand out from the rest of the world.

Based on architecture, swimming pools are of 4 types:

  • Overflow type – Usually, these are large pools, with over 1,000 sq. ft area. The water level is at deck level, and water overflows continuously into channels laid along the outer periphery of the pool. From here, the water is circulated back into the pool after adequate filtration. See example here.
  • Skimmer type – Usually, these are less than 1,000 sq ft area. The water level is below deck level, and water flows from the pool into channels (called skimmers) provided within the pool walls. The skimmer has a net which collects foreign particles like buds, leaves etc. from entering the skimmer. The net has to be manually emptied. Water in the skimmer channel is then circulated back into the pool after adequate filtration. See example here.
  • Scum channel – These are usually below 1,000 sq. ft. area, however the water level and the deck level are the same. Scum channels are provided under the pool’s edge, invisible to the swimmer, to allow water to be circulated back into the pool after adequate filtration. See example here.
  • Infinity edge or Vanishing edge pools – These visually stunning pools are also called ‘negative edge’ pools. They are built such that the water level and deck level are the same, but one edge of the pool appears to have ‘vanished’ into the horizon. This gives the dramatic effect of extending the pool towards the outdoors and bringing the outdoors in. It feels to the viewer and the swimmer as if they are at the edge of the world. In reality, water spills over the vanishing edge down into a catch basin, from where it is pumped back into the pool. Such pools work wonders for homes with a view, be it a hillside, an ocean, a jungle, or even a cityscape. See example here.