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Pool Sizes

Pools are classified in 4 ways according to size:

  • Olympic size swimming pool The Olympic size pool, so called because of its use in the Olympic Games, is 50 metres long. See example here
  • Diving swimming pool The diving well should be at least 18.29 metres (60 feet) long and 22.89 metres wide. It should have two 1-metre springboards and a diving platform with 3 levels: at 5m, 7.5m, and 10m. The diving pool needs fulfill many other specifications. It should be maintained at a minimum temperature of 26C, with the floor contrasting with white or light blue painted pool walls, and must be equipped with a light sprinkler system to agitate the surface of the water so that the diver can see it. See example here
  • Water polo swimming pool There is no exact standard for a water polo pool, but generally, the pool length varies from 20m 30m for men and 20m 25m for women. The width of the pool varies between 10m-20m. The water must be at least 6 feet deep while goals must be 3m wide x 90cm high. The pool should be marked with 4 specific distances: the goal line, the 2m line, the 5m line, and the mid-pool line.

    • The goal line is the spot where the front of the cage meets the beginning of the field.
    • The 2m line is the point 2 meters out from the goal line, marked on the side of the pool with a red cone.
    • The 5m line is the point 5 meters out from the goal line, marked on the side of the pool with a yellow cone.
    • The mid-pool line marks the middle of the field of play, generally with a white line. See example here.
  • Customised swimming pool The length, width and shape of the customised pool are dictated by the constraints of the land available as well as the wish of the customer. Typically, customised pools have a depth of less than 1.5metres. See example here