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Pool Construction

The six vital elements of pool construction are:

  • Plumbing – Think of your swimming pool as the human body. Plumbing is the veins and arteries of that body. The strongest bones and muscles will weaken and falter unless the veins and arteries are not effectively and efficiently moving impure blood away and supplying pure blood. Similarly, proper plumbing design with planned flow rates for every pipe size ensures:

    • The optimal water circulation in pipes – neither too much, nor too little
    • Proper water filtration

    View an example built by Premium Pools

  • Electrical system – If the plumbing forms the nerves and arteries of your pool, the electrical system forms the nerves. Ignoring electrical safety is a matter of life and death – literally. It is essential that underwater lighting for swimming pools should be equipped with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCBs) or RCCBs, which disconnect the feeders / MCB. The ELCBs / RCCBs ensure that any excess current or current leakage in any of the LED lights or wiring will be delivered to the earth fault, not allowing current to pass in the water. Yes, this is how a well-designed and correctly executed electrical system works to keep you and your family alive and safe.

    View an example built by Premium Pools

  • Water-proofing – If the quality of water-proofing of your pool is not suitable to the pool structure you have chosen and the quality of nearby land and structures, you will lose water from the pool due to seepage. This has three major consequences for you:

    • The shell and life of the pool structure is weakened by water seepage.
    • The seepage damages structures situated close to the pool. The steel foundations of adjacent buildings will be oxidized, causing irreversible weakening of the structures.
    • As water seeps out of your pool, you will keep filling it with raw, untreated water, thus reducing the cleanliness and hygiene level of the pool. The result: infections and diseases.

    View an example built by Premium Pools

  • Pool finishes – A wide range of pool finishes rendered or plastered with Quartzon or Pebble Crete can help create the look you want for your pool. This look is further enhanced by choosing special tiles such as glass mosaic, hand-made or ceramic tiles.

    View an example built by Premium Pools

  • Pool deck – It is vital that the pool deck be constructed with non-slippery, non-porous, insulated materials.

    • Non-slippery material ensures you don’t slip on the deck when you emerge from the pool with wet feet.
    • Non-porous material ensures that your deck quality will not be weakened by water over time.
    • Insulated material ensures that you will not be electrocuted as you walk on your pool deck with wet feet. It also ensures that you can walk on the deck barefoot in the scorching heat of summer without burning your soles.

    View an example built by Premium Pools

  • Filtration – One of the signs of a well-designed and constructed pool is clear, sparkling water. And the way to get it is through filtration. If filtration is designed with the correct filtration velocity and turnover rate, you will enjoy three specific benefits:

    • Clear, sparking water immeasurably enhancing your enjoyment of the pool
    • Clean water; the desired water quality will ensure hygiene and health safety.
    • The same water can be recycled endlessly, so that you do not need to change the water in your pool. You enjoy low maintenance and avoid lowering the water table in your neighbourhood.

    View an example built by Premium Pools