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Director's Message

Vivek Mishra, Director
Hello! I am Vivek Mishra, Director of Premium Pools. I have an ethical responsibility to you.

As the leading swimming pool designer and manufacturer in India, and the only swimming pool company in India that has a collaboration with a licenced pool and spa company in the USA, Premium Pools has an ethical and social responsibility to you.

I am concerned that the swimming pool manufacturing industry in India is unregulated. There are no standard practices, no norms, no specifications, no codes, no licences. Anyone anywhere can stand up and say that they can build a pool.

Unfortunately for you, they do say that. And so you get a sub-standard pool which becomes a nightmare for you and your neighbourhood:

  • You face design problems.
  • You face leakages.
  • You face safety hazards.
  • You change the water in your pool frequently and so the ground water level in your neighbourhood decreases.

With regulation in the industry, owning a pool should be as simple as buying an electronic product. Without regulation, it becomes a massive headache; an exercise in futility, frustration, and one of the bad, never-to-be-repeated experiences of life.

And so, you forego one of the greatest pleasures that life can give you - owning your own pool.

At Premium Pools, we follow protocols in design, technology, construction and support to give you a pool you and your family will delight in for decades to come. In an industry of fly-by-night operators, we stand tall and steady. Our reputation has been built tile by tile, pool by pool, and we are proud of it.

Not surprisingly, our clients are proud of their pools too!