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Pools Types
Whether you're young , a senior citizen or somewhere in between , having your own pool or spa will add a new dimension to the quality of your life.

Whatever the reason for building a pool , one ultimate benefit is the added value to your property . Real estate industry figures show that whether it be a pent house , a row house or a independent villa , home for sale with a pool are more in demand and command higher prices.

Types of Pools
  • Concrete pools
  • Fiberglass pools
  • Vinyl-lined pools

Concrete Pools

Undoubtedly the oldest type of pool construction ,concrete pools were built and used by ancient Romans. Some of these pools still exist . Today's concrete pool construction has been revolutionized by the introduction of the sprayed concrete technique , which is quicker and less expensive than the old " shutter and pour " method .

Construction of a concrete pool begins with excavation and being virtually " handmade " , a concrete pool can be square , circular , oval , freeform , or whatever takes your fancy , they can also have varying depths .

Concrete construction has the combination of concrete and steel to give the structure its design strength .

Finally the concrete is finished with tiles , pebbles , coloured quartz or another finish . Concrete pools provide a permanent and lasting avenue for relaxation at home with friends and family whilst increasing the value of your property .

Labor cost being relatively cheap these are the one's most suitable and prevalent in the subcontinent .

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools not only offer an amazing range of shapes and sizes , but an equally impressive selection of colours and finishes to suit personal preferences and the setting in which the pool will be installed .

Installation starts with excavation to suit the dimensions of the pool ( including steps , swimouts or safety ledges that can be built into the fiberglass shell )

The advantage of fiberglass pools is their short installation time and the fact that you can shop around for the pool of your choice and know precisely what you will get in terms of size , shape and colour .

Disadvantage being that they may not blend with the surrounding landscape and give an artificial look to the whole ambiance .

Vinyl Lined Pools

Originally used for above ground pools, advances in vinyl- liner techniques have made this type of construction increasingly popular for use with other pool construction , specially in west where labor is costly hence tile or pebble finishes not as accessible . Vinyl-lining can be pre manufactured or tailor-made for an individual pool which has to be renovated .

This is again not very conducive to our conditions as even the tiling or pebble finishes are available at similar or may be lesser cost and they do more justice to the natural concrete pool .

Today's pool building techniques are all sound and will provide you with a pool offering you many years of fun and enjoyment, as long as you have selected the right builder ( as there are a lot of fly by night hookers as well ) for your pool .The one you choose will depend on your own preference and circumstances .