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Here's Some Pooling Around
The next time you jump into the swimming pool at your lifestyle resort, pause and take a look around. In most cases, you're likely to be in a pool which is attractively designed and could be of an unconventional shape. You'll surely appreciate the avant-garde design of the pool, a far departure from the typical rectangular pools that were a staple of hotels and condominiums even a decade ago.

Swimming pools, rather designing, construction and maintenance of pools, have emerged as a niche lifestyle product segment in India. Besides designing and constructing pools and spas, per se, swimming pool companies provide water filtration and treatment services.

"We design and construct pools, spas and landscapes and cater to all budgets and lifestyles," says Vivek Mishra, director and technical head, Premium Pools, one of the pioneers in the field of constructing designer pools. His company forges an assimilation of human creativity and technical accuracy so as to build the best above-ground pools, Mishra adds.

The advent of these designer pool companies have led to some of the most eye catching pools we see today. Here are some of the pools that one can get to see these days.

new style pool with amazing lights

Free-form pools This style of pool designing is very comfortable and allows retreating to a cosy and private corner akin to drifting aimlessly on a raft. People often compare it to a mountain or oasis like retreat.

Custom pool designs customers often prefer a particular type of pool comprising some personal preferences or customised features. These include the beach entry or the vanishing edge.

The reason behind the increasing popularity of designer pools is that apart for conventional swimming, diving and several water sports activities, splashing around has always been an amusement sport, especially for the kids. Pool activity is at its height during the summer months when the mercury touches a new high almost everyday. People head for amusement parks or water theme parks during this season to escape the unbearable summer. Even the winter these days see people heading towards the pool as the temperature of the water in it kept warm. And what could be more refreshing and invigorating than a warm leisurely dip in a warm pool.

The business of swimming pool construction is booming as well. What was considered niche even about a decade ago has seen the influx of several new players. With the realty sector witnessing renewed activity following several years of slump, the construction is thriving again. Condominiums, lifestyle resorts and amusement and theme parks are being set up all over the country. Most of these installations comprise designer pools which calls for expertise to build them. Hence, the requirement of swimming pool designers and constructors.

"We have countless choices of contemporary and functional swimming pools that cater to all swimming related needs. Ours is a name which that you can blindly trust in this regard. We give that extra edge in making the pool," says Mishra.

Well, the time has just arrived to do some pooling around.