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Inner Soul revival by getting closer to nature
Pools Themes : Nature
Imagine you are just waking up to your jungle safari vacation at a nature resort. The morning rays of the sun rouse you gently. The birds sing you a good morning when you step out of the room and into the attached verandah. You catch the sunlight as it glints off the surface of an aquamarine jewel pool carved into the middle of a forest. The pool leads to the foot of the shrubbery that is peeking in from the sides, waiting to merge with the waters. At the edge of the pool, you see trees rising. A mountain towers behind the trees and you spot some exotic birds and rare rabbits. You are thrilled to be in the lap of nature and yet be able to indulge in the finest luxury that life has to offer.

Nature stays are a huge attraction with the experimental traveller who wants to live in the throbbing heart of the wilderness and yet enjoy the place in splendour. These are the perfect getaways for people who want to celebrate under the twinkling stars, go boating in lakes and catch the jungle in its daily dance.

And after a long day of conversing with Mother Nature, it is always refreshing to relax by the poolside. You could unwind while discussing stories and histories of ancient kings and explorers who walked the same path as you. Enjoy your barbecue at these pools that reflect the same spirit of the wilderness that called you out from your city home. Nature pools are built to reflect the surroundings naturally and create a wonderful ambience for exploring the dangerous side of the wild in a safe manner. Even during the day, you could just sit in the thatched huts, taking in the surroundings and sipping your green drink.

After a day or two of exploring, when you are done recceing the jungle surroundings, give yourself up to some delicate pampering and sign up for an in-house Ayurvedic massage or a spa experience. Later, delight in some delectable cuisines especially prepared from indigenous and imported ingredients. Many nature resorts prepare the finest foods as was done in the days of Maharajas.

There is no end to the variety you can experience at the nature jaunts. In your next nature trip, create wonderful memories for yourself where the wild and water come together to indulge your primitive side in luxurious and natural surroundings.