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Spending more time with family should always be priority, so lets plan for holidays
Pools Themes : Summer Holidays
You are feeling hot and it has nothing to do with your oomph! Summer's here and you are melting like an ice cube left out in the sun. What do you do? Head to your own private pool for some rest and recreation! And while you are at it, let the whole world know.

Get friends over and step in style into the cool and sparkling waters of your crystal-blue pool. Nothing makes a splash like a pool party in the middle of a scorching summer! Serve guests choicest barbecue. Grab a bright drink shaded with a cocktail umbrella from the counter close by and get ready to swing to some Caribbean-style reggae.

Pool parties are a great way to get together with your gang of friends and spend a lazy day floating in the water or just relaxing by the poolside. Premium Pools are specialists in adding fun to your chill-out zone. We have extensive experience in creating exclusive summer pools for you and your loved ones to enjoy to the hilt. With special built-in entertainment features available, planning a pool party is now a breeze!

We can also build special backyard pools for the space conscious.

And if you would rather spend the days chilling out with your family, Premium Pools has plenty of experience creating exclusive pools that are just right for family members of all ages.

Watch as your kids safely experiment with water in wading pools that help them perfect their swimming skills while you enjoy a dive at the deep end. And if your little angels are the adventurous kinds, follow their peals of laughter as they coast down colourful slides built to your specifications. Get your kids' friends over and watch how cool your little one becomes in his gang for having the only cartoon-themed pool in the neighbourhood. And when it is family-togetherness time, make sure no one is left out! Help senior members of your family simply sit around by the shallow end of the pool specially designed to avoid having sharp edges or deep points. If they so need, they can also practice water aerobics in this section to give their health a boost.

And, if all you want is a quiet afternoon by yourself, just lie by the pool and have special mist sprays come on and gently soak you in their magic with refreshing drops falling on you.

No matter how you like your summer fun, sizzling hot or exhilaratingly cool, make sure you have the right entertainment pad to launch the party that you will be remembered for!

So, what are you waiting for? Go print out your party invites while we get your pool ready for guests and some cool entertainment this summer!