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The Road Ahead: The Director's Vision

The vision Premium Pools has
is not for the organization...the
vision is for the industry.
-Vivek Mishra, Director
The swimming pool industry is growing rapidly in India. But it has quite some way to go before we see it function in a structured manner. At the moment, it is growing in spurts. Therefore, there are areas that need some ironing out.

When we work in a developed industry, we have a vision for the organization. But the pool industry being an upcoming sector in India, the vision we at Premium Pools have, after having been here for ten years, is that the industry needs to be totally customer centric.

We should conduct business in such a way that the customer does not go away thinking this industry takes its clients for granted.

Over the years, we noticed some things in this industry:

a) It is hard to grow in an industry that is stagnating or not growing.

Anyone who is serious about being in this industry should have a vision for the entire industry's growth. Collectively, we need to work in such a way that the client know s/he can trust us implicitly since we are the experts.

We need to make the client feel that:
  • Yes, s/he should own a pool
  • That the people who are in this industry give good service
  • That a pool is not about wastage of water but conservation of water and electricity
  • That owning a pool is a good recreation investment

b) The industry lacks entry barriers since there is no licensing.

A visible pattern is that anyone who has worked in this industry for a couple of months starts thinking about building pools. There are no licenses to check the players. When they are unable to deliver, the client believes that having a pool is a bad idea.

The client goes away with a bad experience and a negative point of view. The industry needs to self-regulate or bring in a higher governing body to standardize methods.

So, what can we do to make this industry better and convince clients that it is good to have a pool?

a) First, we need to bring this industry to a level where it is in developed countries .
The customer should be able to just close his or her eyes and go out and order a pool, knowing that 99.9 per cent chances are that they will end up getting a good product.

b) We need strong and committed people who will work as a cohesive force to bring this industry up.

At Premium Pools, we are sticklers for quality. When customers come to us, we want them to receive the best value for the deal. We believe it is important for us to combine all our resources to that single end.