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Get together with your close buddies is best option.for chill out with lots of water
Pools Themes : Beach Party..where sun, sand and sea generate magic
You wake up one morning and realize you want to visit the beach. Right now! What do you do? Call your travel agent? Or, maybe just step out into a pool built by Premium Pools! Imagine standing by the edge of the sea, the sand beneath your feet and the waves gently lapping at your legs. Only, this is at your home.

Among Premium Poolís customized offerings, the beach party pool is a very well-received concept, especially in the hinterland of the country. After all, who doesnít want a beach all their own?

Beach pools make for great party places! Picture this, you invite your friends over for a day at the beach, all of you lounging around with a coconut drink in hand and catching up on life. And then you all plan some water sports on the turf or in the water. You could test your mettle against each other in a round of net volleyball, or see how well you putt in a game of beach golf. Or, you could have the surf generator send waves for you to tackle.

However you like your sport, when you are done soaking up the sun, sand and action, you could quietly laze around in a hammock stretched out between two palm trees, gazing at the shells that make your beach come alive. Later in the evening, after another round of swimming, you could plan a bonfire do, where you sway to your favourite tunes, played by a DJ sitting at the cabana built on the property.

And if it is winter, you can still have a great party that everyone will rave about. You can always change the temperature of the water and stay warm with cosy fire bowls and fire pits lighting up the surrounding greens and casting oil-painting reflections on the waterís edge. Rustle up spicy dishes and sit around watching the night sky reflected in the water as the stars shine down on you.

The seasons may change, but this party never ends!

And all great parties start with great imagination. If you can think it, we can make it. Try this for a sample: Your beach pool can be built with caverns and hidden recesses for you to create the perfect scuba-diving experience. And when you come up for air, you could swim away to a bend in the pool that can be an exotic mini lagoon, shaded with tropical flora and complete with a floating bar. And to make the experience more lifelike, our shorelines are built to be life like, just the way nature intended it.

Beach party pools are a growing rage and a great way to announce that you have arrived on the party circuit. You donít have to book exotic locales in far-off places when you can own one right on your property.

With Premium Pools, you can enjoy an enchanting beach vacation right from the comfort of your home.