At Premium Pools, our aim is to design and construct the best swimming pools, spas and landscapes in India, for all budgets and lifestyles. We are a young and exciting company with a flair for design and the ability to produce a quality product on every occasion.

We have vast experience in the filtration plants, Industrial water treatment plants and plumbing. The idea is to give, our clients an opportunity that enables them to choose a platform that provides services from selection of land, project planning, design, estimation and execution of the complete job of swimming pool on turnkey basis with higher standards. Premium pools is fully equipped with highly skilled man power in the field of designing and execution of complete swimming pool job within a committed time frame and latest available technology applicable in the construction field.

Our Mission to provide clients with a one point opportunity, to accomplish an individual, innovative outdoor investment by:

  • Providing clients with professional advice in planning, designing and building swimming pools and landscapes
  • Working with each individual client to create unique designs tailored to the specific project requirements and needs
  • Building a pool which is as maintenance free as technology will permit.
  • To identify lifestyle opportunities that will increase family time together and property value


Premium Pool’s approach to the design and planning process reflects a commitment to the pragmatic exploration of real issues, the encouragement of broad participation in, and understanding of the decision making process and an appreciation of the technical feasibility of implementation. To achieve these objectives, Premium Pool’s structures the process to encourage the continuous involvement of the various participants throughout the design or plan evolution and decision making.


Outdoor Swimming Pools

Premium Pools brings together human creativity and computer accuracy to create the most advanced design in above-ground pools. The components are carefully crafted using the latest materials which results in a product that performs as well as it looks for years to come. It provides the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle you deserve.

Outdoor swimming pools can be of many types like Garden Pools, Terrace pools, Stream-fed-scenery pools etc.


Indoor Swimming Pools


Indoor swimming pools, while still considered a pretty fancy feature in the home, are truly gaining popularity in mainstream India.

To have an indoor pool usually requires building an addition to your home or having an enclosed building. Or, as the case with an Endless Pool, neither is necessary if you have the proper room in your home already.


Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool


Infinity pools are captivating homeowners all over the world. They are also known as "negative edge" pools and they have a very unique way of giving your home a mystifying, eye-catching appearance. These types of pools are custom built so that the edge of the water blends into the horizon. They work wonderfully for homes that are built on a hillside with a view looking out into the ocean. When you look at the outer edges of your pool, you will notice that there are no edges or walls to be seen. The water simply spills over a ledge and down into a catch basin. The water is then pumped back up into the pool. This design creates an attention-grabbing treasure of water that blends seamlessly into the views beyond.


Commercial Swimming Pools


The requirements for commercial swimming pools are more demanding than those for private swimming pools, but Premium Pools has extensive experience of meeting and exceeding the standards set for health, safety, hygiene and disabled access. We can supply the robustness needed for a school, the elegance desired in a hotel or the practicality required for a club. Furthermore we have the track record to prove it. Whether you are looking for a complete new pool complex or an extension to an existing facility, please contact us for a consultation.

We have wide experience in providing specialist hydrotherapy pools for commercial or personal use.

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